About the UO Development Tracker

The information presented here covers announcements, interviews, and information from members of the UO team stretching back to 2008. More information about what is and isn’t covered, and where we obtained this information can be found on the Interviews and Producer Letters and Videos page. Some of the information is presented in such a fashion that it may feel like it’s taken out of context or that things are missing, but if you click on the links provided for each item, you can view the full context at their original sources. If you feel that the wording is improper or incorrect or you have anything to add, please contact us and we’ll correct it.

What’s Not Included?
Let’s get this out of the way. Gifts, rewards, bugs, Live Arc/EM events, and other publish content are normally not covered, with some exceptions. We did not track the minute details of most publishes (minor changes or additions, etc.), and we also did not track the smaller details of The Stygian Abyss expansion and the High Seas Booster Pack, except in circumstances where those items were still being worked on. We tried to stay focused on the larger issues, or issues that were brought up several times. We also tried to avoid informal comments where a UO Team member may not have been speaking in their capacity as a UO Team member.

Why 2009 – 2012?
It’s simple: Much of what makes its way into UO, especially the larger changes and additions, usually takes a few years. In an interview that Jeff Skalski gave earlier this year, he even summed up the UO design philosophy: …imagine looking at UO and what’s the road map for UO for the next 3+ years.

In instances where something was said by a developer that applies to two or more areas, it is listed in both of those areas so that you have a full understanding of what was said.

In those instances where bugs are mentioned, they are done so because they were a major issue, covered a long period of time, and/or brought up in a producer’s letter, interview, or video. The vast majority of bugs are not covered here.

Announced Date
The “Announced Date” applies to when something was first brought into the public conscious within the past few years. It’s very possible that many of the items were brought up earlier than listed, and if you have knowledge of that, please contact us with it. While we do not aim to cover the past 15 years, we are interested in things that are current issues now, that may have been current issues in past years.

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