Ultima Online Development Tracker

With fond memories of the original UO.com Update Center, we present this gift to the UO community to help celebrate the 15th Anniversary of Ultima Online. This will help UO players track what is in development, what has been officially said, and to put to rest a lot of rumors and misinformation that has been spread around within the UO community. So scroll on down to read up on what is happening with UO!
Note: This was moved over to UO.UltimaCodex.com on October 1, 2012, and is in the process of being updated with the past month’s worth of information. See the changelog for details.

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Note: Positions may have changed, such as Associate Producers being promoted to Producers, etc. For information on the developers mentioned above, please refer to the original links or UO Guide’s Game Developers page. Producer/Associate Producer always refer to the UO Producer/UO Associate Producer. Ultima Franchise Producer refers to Jeff Skalski, who is over Ultima Online and Ultima Forever.

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